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It is an ancient-fashioned bet which, like three horse bets, involves throwing money into several buckets and picking out the single horse in which the money will be placed. This time the loser is not the horse, but a person or party who bet against you on the horse that failed to win the race.

The betting odds are the number of horses which are in the race at any time.

Here is a simple diagram:

Two horse bets are commonly called “two horse wagers”, although this may differ from one another in specific details. One horse that is running can be “upstaged”. In this case, the loser should expect to win a small amount of money, and not really be paying much attention to who is actually trying to stop them getting the money. The other horse can always be in a good position to win a two horse bet, but in practice this is seldom the case.

This is why it is possible for the most experienced horse race bettors to be able to spot a one horse out of two. The same can not be said for the novice. That is why one should always try to win a horse race bet and never try to bet against the horse they think is losing, so as not to waste any valuable time in wagering against them.

In the next section I will explain how you can pick the winning horse and how you can place the money in the buckets.

The winning horse

When placing money in any horse race bet, the betting odds represent the percentage of the total money (in US dollars) that can be placed into the races. To determine the odds, you should count up all the horses to be in the race and their numbers on the track in order and divide them by the total money, as shown below:

We can see that the horses are the same as in the above illustration.
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The betting odds are now in the following form

It is important to remember that as with a two-dollar bet, you can always change the betting odds as you see fit. This is how you can have two horse bets which are both equal (one is the winning horse and the other is the starting horse).

The betting odds and two horse bets

There are two ways of placing money in a horse race bet. In one you bet in one direction and the betting odds indicate the horse that is the favourite to win. In the other, you place this amount of money in a bucket,

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