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The purpose of the racing nap is to take a day off from racing and get a rest to recover. A racing nap usually starts during the middle of the day and gradually gets longer and longer the following day. You’ll either begin with one race or two races and then move through to three, four, five, or more races. As the race progresses, you’ll gradually go deeper and deeper into sleep, until you’re asleep during the last lap of the race. I’ve had a few runners ask how to go about making the most of the racing nap because of it!

How long? An easy way to find out the maximum time you can spend racing is to see how many laps you can complete in one hour and a half and then divide that by the amount of laps you’ve completed in your last two hours. For example, if you’ve completed four laps in one hour and 25 minutes and have an hour and 10 minutes remaining in your racing nap, you’ll need to complete 12 laps for one hour and 10 minutes. Now take the time that has passed in the last two hours, then multiply this by the amount of laps you’ve completed. Add these numbers together and divide the result evenly by two. For example (25 minutes x 4 laps, 25 minutes x 3 races, and 75 minutes x 3 races) = 5 hours and 45 minutes.
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When do I take the race napping? The best time to start a racing nap is when you start getting hungry. You might have a small snack, like a piece of toast, but the best way to eat before starting is to eat immediately, and you might be starving anyway. Just get the most of your napping time by eating as soon as you see light, you might as well start it off right. That’s a rule I’ve found works best for me.

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