What is a layup in basketball?

That’s a layup. A layup is when you do a short turnaround jumper. The first thing you want to do is shoot the ball over your head in the opposite direction of whatever you are trying to do, and then you try to make that jump shot as fast as possible. The way to do that is to lay up in a good place.

How far can you shoot? Where is the best place to shoot layups?

You can shoot layups over your head. You can shoot layups in a couple places, on either side of a defender. And then some of the NBA teams are starting to do more layups at the baseline so that you get a better shot on the perimeter. That’s where you get a layup that’s a good distance. But we’ve noticed a big jump in the percentage of layups getting made at both ends. If you get to a really good place, about halfway, on the baseline. It’s pretty amazing.

So you would rather you shoot two layups on the first attempt, when the defender is a foot away?

It’s one in the air.

Where can you shoot three layups on the first move?

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You don’t want to do two or three three-pointers. You really want to hit three layups. You try to shoot them in the most open spot. You can also do shots on the ground from out in front, or in the air, or in the air out with your legs going in a different direction, if it makes you better. If it’s a good shot it can be done pretty quickly and can open up a lot of space.

You’re going to start making a lot of layups?

Definitely more and more.

What is a good place to shoot in the NBA?

Probably at the free throw line. It allows you a little bit more space. If there is a defender around the basket, it’s kind of hard for them to go over you, but it also keeps you from being out of place. On an inside run or a jump shot, the only place you can get a shot that’s good on the perimeter is on the free throw line.


Because the rim is a lot bigger and I’m going to get the shot off there. If the defender is close to the rim he’ll be covering the shooter. There are not a lot of defenders that are around the rim to cover that