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You have to be so precise with your shots that the first four shots land in the net.

Most of the time, the point guard will set up on the perimeter. This leaves the offensive player who is running the show to make a couple more midrange jumpers. He might hit a corner 3. He might even make a mid range jump shot. And then he’ll give the ball back to the man covering him before the opposing point guard can recover. This means all the defenders in the paint do not have a clear line of vision between him and the open target. He needs to run his feet hard to set up on a 3. And if the point guard runs his feet hard, he can get to his 3. But he will have to throw away what is arguably the most important part of any pass for him, which is getting away from his man with his man. The point guard does not want his defense to see the ball going in and the defender’s man running back down the sideline. It’s an extremely dangerous gamble.

When the ball is passed in, the shooter has a clear path to the basket. But if he’s not careful, he puts his foot into the path of the defender running behind him. The defender might take a step in to stop the shooter, and he might even have the ball stuck in his hand. The goal is to make the ball come out of the defender or even the shooter’s hands. In an offensive half court set, every defender is responsible for keeping a step in to keep his man in his lane or to his spot.

How can an offensive player get back to a shooter’s side of the court with a pass from the middle of the floor without losing his man’s lane?

For his first pass, the shooter’s best weapon is his point guard. That way, the defender can stay in front of him. If the perimeter defender goes down to defend the middle of the floor, he will leave an open lane in the middle of the floor.
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On his second pass, that defender will go to defend another attacker’s man in the middle. If the point guard is quick enough with the ball, the defender will be unable to take his next step in to defend. A shooter doesn’t have to take his next step, and as a result, he doesn’t have to have a solid grasp on his man’s spot. As the pass goes to the next defender, he will find his man in his man’s space. It’s a very small

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