What horses are racing today?

And what kind? How can you see the horse racing for what it is? If you don’t know, I suggest you stop reading this now. Here are some of our favorite answers from our reader:

“What is the difference between the traditional American English and the modern American English?” –Mike, Indianapolis

“So we’re talking about sports, the sport is a sport in its traditional sense but the sport has changed. The traditional style of riding has come to be viewed as a rather ‘low key, quiet sport’ like cricket. What are your thoughts if you’re a person who has a sport that is still popular and is still viewed in the same way? What is the definition of a sport with respect to modern day athletes or even a sport in a more traditional sense?” –Kathy, San Diego

“In this day when people are looking to become more sophisticated, what are the biggest trends that you see in the sports. It seems like a lot of people want to be like football and basketball player, yet it seems like they’re not, but what are they looking for in their team?” –Lori, New York

“Sports are a popular past time. You don’t get an adult to do anything other than play sports and be a part of it. There is a ‘we play, you play, if you play we play’ mentality.” –Cody, New York

“How do you tell if you are a sports aficionado? Well, first, if you’ve never watched a single sports game on television, it is not worth your time to even try to tell you what you are watching when you can hear that the announcers and commentators are going over every nook and cranny talking about every little detail of what the players are doing. Then again, if you know more than half of what is going on on the field, it isn’t worth your time to really get involved when there is no clear cut conclusion from the action on the field. I personally find it funny that the only kind of sports that are good to watch are the kind that tell you what to pay attention to.” –Kaitlyn, Brooklyn

“As a general rule, I like to watch sports that are played by the same people every day. If there are more than a couple of people playing each game, I can appreciate how the game was played. I also like to watch athletes that are in the public eye and can still perform due to the fact that they are so famous