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“One, or two.”

The audience laughs.

“A couple? Oh, I don’t know. It’s hard – you might as well say, ‘Six,’ because we have a six-point lead when we’re up by two, which we’re trying to win today.”

At one point an adult dressed like a horse makes their way onstage. He’s carrying an orange, brown and yellow bag. A child is seated by him, which leads to an exchange of words.

“How did you get here?” the child asks.

“I’m not really sure,” the adult replies.

The child continues to inquire.

“Why didn’t you say, ‘We’re going to win?'”

“Because I don’t know,” the horse replies.

An argument ensues. It’s only after many more rounds that we learn that the dog is actually running up on the horse. The dog eventually leaves the room, and the horse is awarded one point.

“There’s a rule that you have to have a horse here,” the audience member asks after the horse has been awarded one point.

“But, we have a dog here,” the child says.

“Oh, but we have no puppy here, but we’re having an entire family here for that,” I respond.

When you see the horses, do you feel sorry for them? Do you feel like they deserve to be there?

If I tell the story differently, it would feel like something like ‘It’s all in the mind.’ If I tell the story differently, it goes like ‘It doesn’t mean that a dog should be treated in a certain way just because it’s a dog. You shouldn’t have a dog here, but you don’t have to treat it as if it’s the horse that can cause harm.’

This brings up something about the concept of ‘harm.’ I have no problem with the idea of killing animals to protect people. That’s what’s happening in a lot of places, including the U.S. today, and I’m completely fine with that.

‘A dog should be trained to do this.’

However, I don’t believe in forcing a dog to do something it doesn’t want to do anymore.

However, in that case, how exactly do you train a dog to do something that it doesn’t want to do anymore?

This is where horses come in

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