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The nap of peace, the quiet. It’s important in keeping your mind and body in a state of calm and peace. You may not always feel the need to nap, but it’s important to give your mind a break from thinking, or think less about your worries.

You may also do things to calm your mind that you find really relaxing. Perhaps you take a shower to settle your tension down. When you’re in the mood for some exercise, try a yoga class or a run.

If the need arises, here are just a few nap ideas to help you enjoy your time off.

Nap of the Day 10 Ways to Sleep

5 Simple Ideas for Naps
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Napa Time 1: Your Daily Activity

Find this activity that seems relaxing for you. Go for a stroll, or sit in front of the TV all day.

2: A Quiet Quiet Time

For those times when you need that extra peace and quiet? Try going for a walk in the fresh air.

3: Relax Your Body

Take a simple bath. You’ll be surprised your body doesn’t need something to relax it.

4: A Cuddle With Your Cat

Take the time to cuddle with your cat when sleeping. He’ll enjoy having some company – and your nap might just become a great one too.

5: A Nap of Peace

It works like this. Napping when you’re feeling like your head is full. A nap that will keep you calm and peaceful.

Napa Time 2: Your Morning Bedtime

Nap at the right time of day when your sleep needs are being met. When you need a bit of a break from your worries.

6: Go for a Cruise or Flight

Get back on the air before you’ve taken your nap. You can choose a relaxing cruise such as a cruise on a tropical island, or jet ski down a snowy mountain.

7: Wake Up Early

Wake up at a time when you’re feeling sleepy and refreshed. You may be tempted to get up in the morning in an attempt to get some work done before your nap, but you won’t have long to wait.

Have a relaxing sleep time in the early morning to avoid the stress of your morning.

8: The Afternoon Reiki Healing Technique

Do you need a nap at the end of the day? Reiki therapy is a healing technique

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