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To most of us the idea of “nape, mastern, or nape”, or “napalming”, doesn’t come up very often. So does the concept “napalmability”. And what does it mean to be napped? Well, for one, it’s just a phrase commonly used. But in reality it’s something that we should be proud of.

When we nap, we are not sleeping because we’re sleepy; we’re merely putting your body through its daily routine without interruption. We know we’re doing this because once we nap, nothing goes on. It’s a simple and beautiful process that is performed as fast as possible, in order to keep your body warm and to preserve the function of your cells.

Now, you may be asking yourself now- Why do we nap?

Naps have been part of the horse culture since time immemorial. As a result, horse naps are a symbol of peace. They remind horses of your care and attention, and of the fact that you are the master of what you do, not your horse. Your ability to move without making a sound.
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When you sit under a good naps, there is an important process that occurs:

you’re not thinking

you’re not sleeping

you’re just lying there, relaxed

There are plenty of benefits to sleeping. These include the following:

The benefits of falling asleep are more numerous than the benefits of being awake, because there is not the same cognitive load – and certainly not the cognitive load associated with being awake.

There is less need for the mind to be awake (or be active) during the night; you are alert for your surroundings and for the things that arise in them. This is one of the reasons why so many people find that they do better sleep in the morning.

You don’t need to go through the same thing twice. If you fall asleep on your bed, you just wake up as if it had been a long time since you fell asleep. (Which is the same as if nothing had happened!)

With a good naps, you stay in your bed for longer, which means you can be more in tune with yourself. In this way, your body becomes more in tune with your mind and your muscles, and you become a different person. One that is much friendlier, more relaxed, and more alert!

Naps are a way of protecting your body. You can

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