What does NAP mean in horses? – Cheltenham Tips Timeform

NAP comes from the French word nape, derived from Latin napere, meaning the back of the horse’s neck. The word derives from a Latin word (Napere) meaning a place of rest.

How can I learn NAP in horses?

Here’s how to learn to NAP in horses:

1. Take a thorough thorough look at horse back and learn to ride the horse, from first- and second-class to first-class master – every horse you buy and own is a NAP horse! Take your time and look and study horse back first. A horse like a pony – for instance you might buy one first-class for an extra $500 or a second-class for free – will have NAP down to what degree, whether it’s a first- or second-class pony. If the NAP horse is in a second-class stable, NAP will be at the first, second or third class. You can learn much more about a horse’s class by listening to the teacher. If you don’t love the horse’s NAP, stop buying that horse, it is not worth your money. You are better off buying a first-class horse or a second-class horse. Don’t buy a second-class horse if you don’t think he is suitable to NAP. Even if you think you might love him and are willing to try him out, it won’t matter as long as you know about NAP in the first place. You can go back to the horse’s new stable to find out about that horse’s NAP levels, it’s all there – just don’t buy a second-class horse as he is not suitable to NAP, he is unsuitable for the class.

As well, the NAP horse you bought or own is not the same as a first or second-class horse. A second-class pony is a NAP horse, but a first-class pony is not. A NAP horse sold at a show for less than first-class, as seen above, is a first-class horse and a NAP horse at a show is a second-class pony, a fact which will get you a great deal.

2. Read the books, read the books and read the books. You can read books in a stable on the floor (you can buy these for around $25): they are not for children. Children are only allowed up to first-class. The teacher always

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