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There is no single way bet. We can’t say which bet is better, though. You can bet from two strategies. If you bet that all people from the country of Poland are going to go to Las Vegas on May 27 to watch the NBA Finals, we’ll be surprised. You can bet that all people from Australia, Brazil and the United States will go to Las Vegas on May 27 to watch the NBA Finals and that the rest are going to Canada on May 10. You can bet that all people from China, Mexico, the Caribbean, Brazil, South America or the United Arab Emirates are coming to Australia on May 20 to watch the NBA Finals, and all this from a particular combination of ways.

If you bet that people from the United States and Canada are attending for the first time because you know the NBA will end up taking them to the playoffs, the results are the same as if you bet that most people are going to Vegas on May 27. Of course, it’s better to be the wrong bet and take a chance than it is to be the right bet, so you have no control when picking. Your bets will be the right or wrong ones.

On this week’s show, we’ll tell you why the Warriors have not had a game where they blew a lead and are now in the final seconds of the game. We’ll tell you why teams keep giving James Harden every ounce of energy in the final seconds of games. We’ll see why a guy who had not scored in an NBA game for 15 years was playing a little bit of offense against the Grizzlies. And, finally, we’ll explain why Golden State was in charge of the final seconds of several of the Warriors’ most important games.

Our friend Mike Vogel’s favorite basketball player of all time might be Larry Bird. We’ll tell you what kind of games Larry Bird used to play in his basketball career. We’ll tell you why there might not be a Larry Bird in the NBA now that Bird is retired. We’ll discuss something you probably don’t want to know about Bird that’s going to make you laugh. We’ll tell you how much we hate Larry Bird. It would be like if they showed you this video of him smoking cigarettes in the movie “Lone Survivor.”

Our regular-season MVP is Kyrie Irving. We’ll tell you what he’s done so far this season.

We’ll tell you how many times the Spurs have scored 25 points in the third quarter.

We’ll explain why

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