What does boxing a horse bet mean?

When you place a $10,000 cash wager on the outcome of a race for a horse, what do the odds look like?

I think it is safe to say the odds of a win for the horse or the horse losing to a horse are about 80% (at the time of the contest). There is no room for error in the odds.

The odds change, if the bettor chooses, but the horse will win in about 20% of cases, the horse will lose in about 25% of cases, and in about 50% of cases you could lose in a straight up fight. There will be some horses you could win a hand for. Even an easy bet of 50/1 odds is not a huge handicap since, in that case, the horse will win at least some of the times. In each of these situations, it is more or less an advantage of a bet in general for taking it in. It does not matter, in the long run, who wins since it is generally one of the best bets to begin with.

A horse will be a good bet if he is in the $4-$6 range.

Most people do not know, that is why I have included a $4-$6 handicap table next to the odds. This way, the vast majority of people will easily recognize the handicap by how low the odds are.

You bet on the outcome of a match or event and your bet will be at the discretion of Vegas. The casino will either decide to match that bet, or give you a $100 “refund” on your part, so take the best odds they throw your way. This is also important to note, that with the current odds for horse racing, the odds are usually pretty conservative when the horse you are wagering on to win in a wager contest is in the $4-$6 range.

I know some folks think Vegas takes the money and runs. I have talked with some people who believe Vegas puts the betting chips in there after they’ve paid the wagering dealer. It’s just not the case. If the casino places the chips there in a bag, they have to put them there. So they do and it is legal, although they want a lot of money, to take full advantage of the situation to make a quick buck.

You bet on the outcome of a race for a horse and you’ll see the odds at the bottom of the website on a small