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When people think soft tracks there is usually a picture of the soft rock sound created by a good quality soundcard. This is a very limited aspect of sound reproduction, and you cannot replicate it with a computer. If the microphone signal goes through a high quality soundcard, then you will have a perfect soft track.

A high quality sound card with a low noise floor is needed for many professional sound applications, including a DJ mixer/recorders, and a CD or CDRW recorder.
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Some users like to have a soundcard with a low noise floor. What this means is your system will have less noise than your computer. It means that your computer system does not have the limitations of a hard drive. The CD and CDRW drives have a lower noise floor than other drives. Hard drives have a higher noise floor than CD or CDRW drives.

Sound Card and Computer Settings

Most PC sound cards work pretty well with any software. The settings on computers have a big influence in the sound quality. As you go from laptop to desktop or laptop to desktop, your sound card settings will need to adjust to adapt to the new setup.

Most professional sound card manufacturers allow you to adjust the settings of your sound card from the control panel of the sound card. For our example, we are going to use the Asus Xonar DS-2 sound card. This sound card has a built-in monitor so we will have access to its settings. However this is not a complete guide to sound card settings. Your sound card settings will need to be adjusted when using a different sound card.

Adjusting Sound Card Sound Settings

To adjust the settings on the Asus sound card in order to take full advantage of the sound available on your computer, click the ‘Sound Settings’ button on the left panel. You will see this list of settings.

Here is how we will use the Asus sound card to tweak the settings.

This will open the control panel for the sound card:

The first tab will show the total amount of channels. There are four channels for the sound card. There are two settings here: Channel 2 and Channel 4. Channel 2 is the maximum amount of channels the sound card supports. The max number of channels in your computer can vary between Windows operating systems. Most computers have two channels for the sound card, and this is how many we are using here. Channel 3 will give the sound card a range to work with. This is more of an approximation.

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