What color was the first human? – Horse Racing Odds Preakness

It was a white cat.

It was a white kitty-cat.

It was a kitty-cat.

It was black-furred.

It was white-furred, it was black-furred.

It was white-furred.

It was a kitty-cat.

The kitty-cat!

The kitty-cat!

The kitty-cat!

It was a black kitty-cat!

The kitty-cat.

The white-furred kitty-cat!

The black-eyed kitty-cat!

The white-furred kitty-cat.

The black-eyed kitty-cat!

The black-eyed kitty-cat.

In a way, that’s what it always was: that kitty-cat. You know, the black kitty-cat. That’s how the story goes. Even the cats in the movies. Because there was always something black about a kitty that was out in the world somewhere.

And then some people did something to it. And they put it in a jar. And a bunch of people came by who were curious about it. And they saw the old woman who had this jar of kittens. They all knew her. They all looked at the jar, and they all thought, How did that little cat come to be in that jar? How did it get to be what it is?

You know, every day, there was a story of the kitty-cat in the world. It’s how it was always, in my childhood. But if we were lucky enough to have somebody in the family come look at the kitty-cat and say, You know, they’re interesting, how did it get to this place? What is this thing that lives in this jar and keeps coming out of it?

And they would think, Oh yeah, that’s kind of a neat, sort of a neat story.

It was fascinating for them, because these people were young folks, and they were curious about the world, and they were interested in something they didn’t understand.

That’s what gave me chills when I talked to the anthropologists and sociologists and, you know, the archaeologists and the anthropologists and my friends who came to visit the house and the museum, and the researchers that came over

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