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The American Racing Horse Breed Standard is the basis for all horse racing in the United States. In order to be considered as being of the standard, the horse must have been bred for racing. For example, for an American Racing Horse to be classified as the type that is in the standard, there have to be two exceptions:

1. A horse bred for use in show stables, but not raced for competition as a race horse, must still be considered as race-able. The horses are tested so that they will be able to race. If the horse is not found to be racing-able, then it is not considered a standard mare. 2. A horse that has been bred as the workhorse for the purpose of race production. For example, they are bred as workhorses for race purposes but in many cases racehorses still compete as workhorses. Because the breed standard exists, there is no need to breed the same horse twice in order to be considered of the required caliber.

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The Standard Breed is not a standard for breeding any horse. It is a standard that applies to a few of the best horses of the world.

What is the Standard Bequeathed to the Breeders?

As long as the National Horse Show Association is going to provide breeders with quality racing mares that are recognized as being race competent, then breeding standards exist. If the horses are not used for racing until they are race fit, then that is when breeders may begin to breed for the Standard.

What is the Standard inbreeding?

Inbreeding is where an individual has as many children related to one one, then has as many grandchildren as that (generational effect). This can be accomplished in other ways too, such as where the parents have a child, then have many grandchildren. Inbreeding can be as a result of genetics, or where the offspring cannot interbreed in the offspring because the offspring cannot be tested as fit. Inbreeding is not considered the same as breeding for performance.

What is the Standard inbreeding percentage?

For an individual to be recognized as being a Standard Bequeathed Mares, there must be 5% or more non-stock mares in his brood, in order for that individual to have a chance of being recognized. The percentage can be based on number of lines, age, body color, and height.

If you had five stock mares, and two lines were normal and one had

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