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How are the rules of 20 different?

What is the rule which says that 20+3 is an out? What if you have to hit 3? What if you have to hit 2, but not 3?

A) The rules of Basketball is:

Rule 1: All free throws are to be made by shooting the 3-foot cone to the left and right as quickly as possible.

Rule 2: The shooter cannot shoot the free throw if the ball is out of play.

Rule 3: A point or free throw is scored when the ball leaves the baseline, at which the shooter shoots the ball to the opposite end and attempts to dribble the ball into the basket without stopping and passes the ball to the next shooter on that side of the court.

Rule 4: A point or free throw is not the same as a basket.

Rule 5: If a player misses a jumper it is a free throw. If a player misses a free throw with two seconds left in the half, it is a foul.

Rule 6: If a player commits a technical foul, it is a free throw.

Rule 7: If two free throws are made by an opposing player under two seconds apart on the same possession, the team with the free throw is awarded one point.

Rule 8: If a player makes an inbounds pass that is intercepted by an opposing player, the ball goes out of bounds to the opposite team’s bench.

B) What exactly does the rule of 21 mean?

There is a reason why we use “21” for the number 21. The 21th was a sign or symbol placed in the arena during the time of wrestling in the early 1900’s. It was seen as a good omen for the future as the show would soon take off. 21 is one of the 20 “rules” of Basketball.

Basketball is a sports in which players try to score in an exciting game of basketball. Basketball is similar to the ancient games of wrestling, where one tries to win by hitting the opponents body or head with his fists or an object, including, but not limited to:

1) a baseball pitcher

a) hits the ball to home plate

b) hits the ball at a target

c) hits the ball with his fist

d) throws the ball back to the pitcher

2) a golf ball

3) a discus throw


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