What are the post positions for the Belmont Stakes?

The race starts on Thursday.

Free Horse Racing Betting Tips for July 2020
If your horse was named after a place on this list, but you are unable to find a record listing it in horse racing’s official records, please contact:

Bob Davenport, 856-542-4331 or [email protected]

The Preakness Series will use this format for official results when horses compete in pre-Oaks Stakes/Oaks/Oaks Stakes.

To get a record listing for a horse you entered to the Preakness Series, visit and fill out the racing records form as if it had never been entered, and send the form in by October 31.

Who can participate in the Preakness Series, and what are some of the race locations?

There are two races for each of four series: the Preakness (Oaks) Stakes, the Oaks Stakes (Oaks/Alta), the Preakness (Oaks Stakes) Derby and the Oaks Stakes (Oaks/Alta/Henderson) Derby.

The Preakness Series will use these race dates as starting dates:

An article by the Guardian has highlighted that the government has been secretly lobbying for a “regime change” in Syria to make Bashar al-Assad dictator. The newspaper had access to diplomatic cables which reveal the Prime Minister David Cameron is being actively engaged in the lobbying efforts.

“The prime minister has been actively engaged, through his contacts in Washington and in London, in the development of alternative, more effective and less dangerous solutions,” according to a top secret briefing document seen by the Guardian.

“His discussions have been about the potential political, military and financial costs of a future military intervention.

“He also thinks the time has come to re-think the status quo in Syria, and to try and identify the reasons why it has failed but has not given the new government the options it needs to achieve a negotiated settlement with the Assad regime.”

The briefing note is thought to be from February 2014. It explains that Cameron was engaged in a “long and intense discussion with members of government.” The document is full of references to the Syrian civil war in general and Assad’s regime in particular, and argues in favour of a “regime change operation.” The document suggests the government of then PM Gordon Brown was in agreement with the government of Barack Obama that the UN may impose no-fly zones.