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The truth is, there is a lot more to it than just the winning numbers. So how do you become a Lucky 15 in just 15 easy steps? Here are a few tips that are specific to this type of betting.

Use your odds

The first step of the Lucky 15 game is that you should consider your odds, as they are very specific to the games that have played out. The games that have produced the highest win rates have always been the ones that require players to place high on each of their numbers and make an extremely large number of consecutive numbers. For example, in the 2013 NLDS Game 1 of the World Series, a player was going to place at about 10.1-11 on his 5th choice for NL Wild Card, and he did so with a whopping 81.4 percent. The next day, the same fan was going to place 10-3, which would have been a better odds for the Wild Card, and had a much smaller likelihood of winning. The best bet for the NLDS Wild Card was to make at least one high-value combination, which is what you’re going to do here.

Use your numbers

The next step of the game is choosing your numbers. It is a common strategy to place one big number, then immediately place a couple smaller numbers for higher-risk picks that have a greater chance of happening. However, this strategy carries a high risk in the form of a higher percentage of the time you are guaranteed to lose on something big (such as a home run or extra-base hit, for example), which could make it a higher-risk option just for the sake of the odds. Instead, try sticking to higher-risk players and placing the rest of your bets on a larger amount of low-value combinations that could still win. By keeping your numbers low and picking the right ones, you’re also increasing your chances of a perfect return in your big game.

Use the home run rule

When the big game comes around, sometimes it won’t be enough numbers or combinations of numbers. There are times in a baseball game where a home run is going to get a big score to give an advantage to one team, so there must be a way to win the game without putting that team on. The same is true for the NLDS. The worst-case scenario for the Dodgers would be a 6-game loss, so how about adding a 6th choice home run? It is the most likely scenario that it’s

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