How much do I win each way bet?

The bet is on the correct result, but on the “best” result, to be decided by the board and the rules it is called a “blind”. The bet is on a specific outcome: for example if a player won the game and lost only one coin they would get two coins. But, if a player won 3 coins and lost only 2 then the whole pot is split – the players that won 3 coins and had a coin in their pocket, get 1, and the other players who had the coin in their pocket get 2 coins. For example here is a table showing the various outcomes:
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The odds on your money: The maximum odds are set on the “Best Result”, this is not necessarily a winner in every single turn. The highest possible odds will be the “Best Result” but that is NOT always the Best Result.

The highest possible odds will be the “Best Result” but that is NOT always the Best Result. The table will have a total number in the “total bets” column, not the total amount of money that was spent. An example of this: $80,000 + $3,000 = $90,000 total bet on the pot.

In the table we just checked is the odds 3:1? If you go back and multiply the total amount by three you should get 4:1. However it is only a matter of chance that it is a result of this multiplication, or that 3:1 actually happens.

In theory there is some “free” money that can be won, this is called “free money.” However, if the pot is so small as to be useless – just betting against one another – no more money can be placed. And what is the maximum free money? The table will be very small (4-10) and will have an “Odds on money” column. If you guessed “10” that would be true, however the table is just a function of the number of players. If the table was 1:1 you might have a good chance to win, if you guessed “2” you would be just as lucky.

How many bets can I have? If you bet on a single outcome on the board, then you can only have ONE bet. If you bet on each outcome on the board you must have more than ONE bet. For example, if you bet on an edge on every single turn, you will not be able to bet on it if you bet only on the win or fail of