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Each NHL franchise has its own list of bets that can be bet for the upcoming game. The league’s official betting website,, has an impressive list of over 800 bets and stats.

How many games are in the regular season?

The NHL is the biggest sports league in the world and can boast more regular season game than any other. Each Canadian team has four games scheduled for each of the four weeks of the regular season. It is also the first season that the Stanley Cup playoffs will take place at home (regular season). For comparison, the NBA’s regular season takes place at the same time of the NHL regular season but instead of the NBA championship game played on the NBA’s home court, the NBA playoffs will be part of the NHL regular season and take place at the same place on the East Coast. In the 2012-2013 NHL season, only eight out of the 21 teams in the league had playoff appearances, four of which won their conferences.

What is the playoff format?

There are two possible playoff formats: Single-elimination and Pool-Based Playoff, according to The format is pretty simple and it consists of a two-minute period in which the teams on the ice are seeded. The team with the higher seed in the first period is the winner and the team with the lower seed in the second period has to defeat the team with the higher seed in the first period or the team with the lower seed in the second period. The teams who finished fourth or seventh in the regular season were eliminated from playoff contention but they still have a chance to make the playoffs, so their playoff seeds do not actually matter. The following schedule for the games of the regular season are as follows:

Regular Season Games : 5 games (3 home and 2 away)

Playoffs : 8 games

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