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How many teams in Canada are ranked in the major conferences?

For how many teams is Canada ranked in the Canadian Football League playoff? Who starts against the winner of New Mexico’s game (Sunday, 11/19)?

How many days was it since we’ve lost a football game?

How many games in the Big Ten last year were tied? One game or two?

Have any coaches won a Big Ten championship since the Big Ten was formed back in 1972?

How long does it take for one league to create its own league?

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John Noonan

Ohio State Football Head Coach

Note: The Ohio State football team is not taking part in today’s game between Ohio State and Tennessee, due to weather and scheduling conflicts.

By Dr. Mercola

Although this is an issue that’s been around forever, a growing number of countries and parents are becoming more aware of the dangers posed by GMO foods to children and to their environment. And some of them, like the UK, have made some very brave moves to ban genetically engineered food products. We now know a lot of parents that refuse to let their children eat GMO foods because they don’t want anything “chemtrails-caused” in their children’s lives. However, it’s important to understand what the science actually says about GMO food and GMO-induced cancer. Now, in 2015, several researchers from the Institute of Inorganic Toxicology in the Netherlands have published an article showing that GMO corn is a danger to the health of children and the environment.
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For those that haven’t yet heard about this, genetically engineered foods (GMO) is a term that’s been around since the 1970s when scientists started investigating the safety of Monsanto’s GMO seeds. The “Frankenfoods” were designed to be safe for human consumption, but their genetic makeup was created so that they could not survive the harsh processing that is necessary to produce a GMO. The end result is a huge range of “non-GMO” corn grains that are engineered to resist the effects of glyphosate (the active ingredient in Roundup Weed Control). A growing number of studies have shown that these non-GMO varieties do contain many of the same health problems that GMO corn does – including chronic pancreatitis, cancer, infertility and reproductive abnormalities.

But the Dutch

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