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A bit, but after you take a good look at your hands. That’s a little like my saying the same thing to you while you’re driving.” That’s why the same phrase can sound like either the same thing or something entirely different when put into action.

The most common mistakes people make when they’re talking to each other are mistakes made while actually doing something. Here’s a quick explanation of some of them.
Born to Trot - vintage 1950 hardcover book by Marguerite ...

“I don’t know if you remember this, but it’s the year I first got drunk and slept with my girl after trying to keep a secret from you.” So if a person doesn’t remember something they’ve already done, they can’t say no when they’re asking for something “big.” That is to say, things they haven’t done, but which is now part of their mind. “You used to be cool, but I’m not so bad.” To make things even worse, “I used to be bad, but you’re really nice,” or “We used to be pretty much cool, but you’ve been kind to me lately, so I’ve been kind of turning my back on that.” People who make these kinds of statements aren’t lying: They’re talking about circumstances from their childhood when they were the same age they are today.

Now let’s break down a few more of them and apply them to real life situations.

I Don’t Know If You Remember This – “This is the first time I’ve ever seen you, and I have to ask you out.” Here’s the problem: We do a lot of things that are out of our control, and when we make a wrong move, or act irrationally, we have to face that we made the mistake we’re about to tell you about. But even though we know that we should have been careful in the past, we don’t remember the actual circumstances. After spending time with someone, sometimes you just have to be cautious. (In this example, “We used to be pretty much cool, but you’ve been kind to me lately, so I’ve been kind of turning my back on that.”) “I know it hasn’t been that long since you and I met last, but I thought you weren’t going to like me anymore.” People sometimes think that they “should have” liked someone more than they actually did. It’s the same kind of thinking: We don’t remember what happened, but think we’ve told you everything. “I really like you now, but I thought you

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