How do you win a basketball horse? – Horse Racing Nation Breeders Cup Picks Drf

You show up.


TRUMP: What a joke.

BARTIROMO: And then you run up and take the horse.


TRUMP: That’s how you win a little horse for one dollar. (Laughter) Just kidding, that’s what I’m saying. That’s what I’m running on. That’s how you win a little horse for a buck. I mean, you go out to the golf course, you show up and put your best shot, and then everybody gives you a good hard rub. And then when the money comes in, you get some, and you win. That’s how you win a horse. If I went in and said, “My best shot, my best drive, my best stroke, I’m going to run and say, ‘I want to be the winner here.’ ” And you can do that? You can get a little horse, you can race up the first hole. You know, some of these little horses, they have not really, like, got a chance before.

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BARTIROMO: Why does that hurt?

TRUMP: I know. I know. Maybe there’s the money. It’s a hard thing to say, though, because there’s a lot of competition. But you have a hard time thinking of doing something like that. Look at Bill Clinton. I mean, that guy was tough. He was really tough. I don’t know if anybody in the room thinks that way, but he was tough.

I mean, I’m not sure Bill was tough until, I don’t know, the second round in ’93. I mean, he was tough until the second round. But he was tough, and he was strong, and he had a big shot, but you’re talking about the second round.

BARTIROMO: So, look, we didn’t hear the last shot on Friday. Did you say, “We had the best shot?”

TRUMP: You know, no. I said, “I can think of a better shot.” I said, “I have a better shot.” Maybe we were in a good place. Maybe there was a little little horse going on. But I didn’t hear the last shot. I don’t know, to be honest, I don’t even know what shots I heard. I mean, that’s really hard for me too, because I think I could have

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