How do you rate horses in racing?

On a scale of 1-10, how impressed would you be if I told you that you would see a horse running in the front row at the New England Kentucky Derby on Saturday? Well I would be quite disappointed, as that is a horse that has never previously done it, and it has never gotten close in the Kentucky Derby before (though some have). But it hasn’t got the opportunity to learn and gain the experience that it might for a great number of other animals in the racing world.

How many medals did you win in the horse race?

As of February 2017, I had 9 medals, which is an average of 5 medals per race: 1 for the U.S.A. Triple Crown (Cherry, Lark, Rose), 2 for the IWWP National Titles, 5 for the New England Kentucky Derby, and 5 for the New England American. I haven’t won anywhere else ever.

How many times did you run the Kentucky Derby?

From 1990 to 1997, I ran 8 Kentucky Derby races, from 1992 to 1993 ran 10 U.S.A. Triple Crown races, 3 U.S.A. American races, 1 New England Kentucky Derby (this was in 1995) and 5 non-Triple Crown races.

Did you train with any horses at any point, and if so were you paid to train them?

No. I did train, mostly I train any horse, but not specifically with any of the horses in my career, including the race horses like the Triple Crown winners that I won in the U.S.A., although during my short career I raced them.

To what extent do you feel it is possible to make a living from racing?

To this, I have no idea. I don’t know how much I made each year, but that’s about it. I felt that it was very easy to make a living doing what I was doing, because I had friends who helped me train, but it wasn’t easy.

Who is the best trainer in the United States today?

A trainer at the Triple Crown level, which is the most prestigious of all the racing horses, I can only recommend Dr. Bill DeHart with this one. He has had some success with his horses (and he is not the only trainer to do this), but I will give a more serious answer later. I think any trainer is probably the best in the world.

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