How do you play Lightning basketball?

Why do the lights go out in your game each game? How about basketball where there are no lights at all? It was a good question to ask, but I knew I didn’t have a simple answer.
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I searched Google for a good answer and soon found the answer I was looking for. Lightning football is made up of the lightning striking the ball and a ball to be put in the end zone. The idea was to get a ball and then run through the field trying to score. I learned through my research that the lightning never touches the basketball, but rather the balls hit the lightning and then it travels to the other side of the field. They do not touch and this process occurs all for each throw. When the ball comes off the ground that is what lights up the ball. The lights have a very low energy, but they last about 5 seconds. I did not know that. In the game, you can only see it for 1 second, but the game lasts much longer and the light lasts many times longer. The ball also moves to the other side of the field so there is no chance for an offensive player to score. The lightning balls also make a huge noise. I wanted to make sure you could clearly tell whether or not the ball was going to be hit by the lightning.

I wanted to learn more about the lightning, which can be used as a defensive weapon. I found that all I needed to do was turn the camera towards the opposing team. As I did this, the video was captured. I was also able to get a better picture of the ball as it passes through the lightning. If you would like to learn more about the lightning and how it works, check out Kevin’s website: LIGHTNING.NET. I do think you will enjoy the project as it does go well beyond just the basketball. Here is his project page where you can take your turn and submit your answer.

My second project is to do a project with my friend Kyle and Kyle wrote up all of the information on how to make a lightning globe for a good number of our friends to learn and build. You can find out more about his design and projects on his blog: LOCKEDOUT WORLD.

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