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A: It’s a question that I have answered a number of times before – in the film, in the books and in countless interviews I’ve done.

So the only way to win in real life is to go out there, do everything you can to not lose. And that means being yourself, the right kind of rider – you’re a fighter, you fight your way up to the top of the order, get through certain periods in the race and then you move up from there.

But it’s a question that is a difficult one to answer, because sometimes when you go on tour, you’re not at home – or a lot of the time – so you’re not feeling as comfortable as you would if you were still at home – but you’re still racing and still playing around.

The best thing about these races [is] that they’re so short, you see so much action. It really is like the best of both worlds – if you go on these long tours, you come back from every race and you can’t tell the difference. The longer you sit at home, the better you get at it.”

Q: If there was a Grand Départ he didn’t want to race, would he change his choice?

A: “I’d say no because it would be so tough … I like to go out there every weekend and be the best I can be. And that’s what I want to do.

You’re racing at a high level and then, inevitably, it’s difficult for you to get there. And if you want them to race at Grand Prix level, you have to win every race first.

Q: If there were any riders who would you want to race against?

A: My friend Max Chilton [from Formula 1], with his incredible talent, his courage in being a professional, he has really made his own name as the strongest rider in the world. It’s a very simple comparison. He’s very, very strong.

Then there’s Max Verstappen. Max is a young rider who has come forward and shown great talent at a short age. Now he has been racing Grand Prix since he was 14, which is a bit of a surprise but a great accomplishment for someone of his age and his age-group. He is very good and he is not afraid of challenging himself and that’s what I like to see.”

Q: Does the sport’s reputation give you confidence in

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