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I ask. He tells me he doesn’t know.

He’s looking at his hand-drawn map.

“I don’t know where I’m going to go, this country or something.”

So, we come here and stay for a few days. He tells me that some people will try to kill us, that we will get hurt; he is just lucky that we have some good friends. It’s funny, the way he feels, the way he is.

“When I was little, I was scared. I never wanted to be a horse and ride around in the woods. I don’t want to.”

As we move on to see her home, we learn how long her parents had been going here and why. Her mother is a farm-hand, she says. At least there are no horses around.

“Oh, my father has been here 30 or 40 years. He’s retired.”

That’s when we learn that her grandfather and a friend were born here, that he has served in the Japanese military.

“I think this man saved my grandfather who was a colonel.”

At that point, we get a ride to her ranch. This was the place that she and her family had been living for nearly 200 years. It has a river and meadows and barns and sheep, and we walk through the fields, past the waterhole the horses used to graze on.

Her grandfather was a farmer and he was always getting ready to buy a farm. And if there was a price that he would pay, he brought his little horse. We go through a field there.

“My father had a big horse for the first couple of years, you know,” she says to me.

“But as he got older he wanted something that was better and better, so he bought something better,” she adds, as we walk through the fields, past the sheep she thinks she killed as a youngster.

It’s not unusual for her to say something silly — she grew up here — but I’m trying to explain that this is not the place we’re talking about.

“They have the best pasture I’ve seen in 30 years here,” she tells me. Then she goes over to a young boy from a neighboring ranch, stands right next to him and says, “Your father bought a horse years ago, not for his grandchildren, he bought a horse years ago because he saw it on his way to work

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