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One of the ways you might find yourself with a good enough horse to put in the bank is to buy a good quality racing career. In terms of actual skill at riding, if you aren’t a great racetrack rider it’s pretty much all on you with the money you end up with.

If you want a career where you can make good money for it you need to start racing. There are a range of tracks which can get you a decent income. If you choose to buy a good track then there’s an absolute minimum amount of money you’d need to spend to get it to the right level. For example, a standard race track would cost you £20,000 and a Grand Prix one would cost you as much as £200,000. If you want to do a thorough guide to the whole world of racetracks the best guide is probably the official website of the RACS, which contains in-depth information on the basics of racing.
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There are all kinds of things you can do on a racing career, including a degree, which gives you a range of different qualifications that could be applied to different tracks. The most popular degree you can get on your track as a full time is a racing license, called a P-Type. Once that’s yours you can train at track and go on to become a licensed, full time racer.

If you’re still looking for jobs then check out how to work at a track and what job opportunities it is the most likely ones you’d be suited for here.

Can I go to a racing school?

If you really want to have a go at racing, then some racing schools will allow you to take a course. The courses can be free, or for thousands of pounds. The reason a school might do this is because a reputable racing school will get more money from it and will make sure that all the money goes to its students, and that the kids are trained up properly to a high standard.

There are a number of schools which will pay you £4,000 and under to take their basic courses; other schools will do it for $20,000 and above. At some of the best schools you’ll get a full scholarship, with free tuition and travel for you to and from events. Another popular option is to go to a racing academy owned by the FIA or the UK F3 racing team (although if you want a very good racing career you might want to consider joining the UK F2000 racing

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