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He apparently spent the last year or few months trying to get the right mix of chemicals in his system and then he took them back out of his body. Some chemicals (like ephedra) are very hard to remove, though, because they can easily stick around in the body for months on end. As far as I know the pills that Seabiscuit was on when he started getting sick were actually used in treating some other illnesses, in other words, he was on them for pain management.

For reasons unknown, Seabiscuit ate very large meals (at least 200 grams of fat in a day) for at least a couple of weeks afterwards. The cause? It’s not clear. This is an unfortunate side effect for people who want to maintain weight on what is generally known as a fast day, since it’s known as high fat eating and often happens during training or during workouts. It’s also a side effect for almost everyone, since the long term effects of being overweight are often different than what you experience in the short term. That’s why it’s important to stay away from the typical fast day meal: the more fat you eat, the more of a metabolic problem you’re going to have.

Why is Seabiscuit’s condition unique from the thousands of other cases we know about these days? He appears to be the only one I know of who also has problems with his kidneys, which might not be an unusual thing. This is not the only case we know of – there are thousands of cases of people just like Seabiscuit out there. For example, in 2005 an athlete with the same symptoms as Seabiscuit had kidney failure as well. That’s more than 100 people without any known cause. There have been lots of theories, but none of the theories have ever been conclusively proven – not really. All we can hope is that one day, a cure will be found.

What does it say if Seabiscuit had a condition called hyperkalemia? There is some evidence for hyperkalemia in people with kidney disease. But that’s in people who don’t have any kidney problems, not people who are already very sick. People with hyperkalemia can only have the condition if they have lots of weight to compensate for their low kidneys, and they can only have it if they also have a lot of weight to lose on a fast day to compensate for their low kidneys. To put this in perspective, a normal person can lose about 100

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