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– I think I’ve done my horse justice.”

She has seen the horse first hand too: “At 10am I was up and I heard this loud roar and I thought: ‘What the Hell is that?’

“But no, it was just the horse, the horse was roaring, there was a lot of noise – it’s pretty much the only times I’ve ever heard that noise.”

Ms Wood said the horses had a good time getting along.

“We were running out of water.

“They used to do it everywhere. They always had a hole or a trough – it was just like a horse’s water trough.

“They ran round the paddock, past the feeder and it would fill up all the way.”

When the horse’s water was dry, the pack would pull it out of the water, then carry it back up the hill, she said.

The pack also enjoyed a special treat every now and then: “We’ve had a lot of horses that have just been drinking all these lovely clear water bottles.

“We can make a nice wine out of that – and it’s a lovely drink too.”

The horses’ owner, Gary MacNeil, was a regular visitor to the park.

Image copyright Scott Wood Image caption The horses had an easy time with the newcomers
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“I’ve got friends coming over all the time now,” he said.

“They just like a bit of a break from the running track.

“Some people think the best way of enjoying a horse-ride is to get into the saddle and just look at him and listen to his rattle.”

Mr MacNeil said he started playing horses back in the 1950s. “We used to have an ‘on field’ event, ‘on horseback’, where every player would get their own horse and bring it down to the field, get their horses on and get out,” he said.

“We used to have the big ones on the field – he was like the big colt; he was just a big beautiful colt.”

He remembers riding them until they were nearly 10 years old.

“They were probably between 8ft [2m] tall when we put them out there,” he said.

Image copyright Scott Wood

Image copyright Scott Wood

It’s not the horses’ fault

It’s not a case of horse-riding being “l

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