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No-one wants to pay a premium for that!

So, here’s a little background: The American Quarter Horse (AUD$5k-10k) doesn’t have to be the fastest of the breeds. The American Quarter Horse is actually a type of thoroughbred that has been selectively bred with very particular requirements for speed. These requirements allow these horses for the most part to run all day.

And when it comes to what breed best suits that, it’s not so cut and dried.

For years now, many of our readers have asked this question — what are the best-performing American Quarter Horses? And this is a great question for you folks to ask! All you have to do is look at some of our racing lines with the most top-tier thoroughbred racing results and you’d be surprised that, the answer would not be American Quarter Horses.

To see how, it’s best to look at what sort of thoroughbred-track-track events a dog would have to meet all the requirements of in a race to be considered an American Quarter Horse. You can see the complete list at the end of this post (and also see our full analysis of what the criteria mean here).

Here are some things that you need to understand about American Quarter Horses when evaluating how fast they can perform in these types of races:

1) They’re not built for speed, but they’re not built for pace.

It’s interesting that we’re going to see a lot of dogs racing and it’s great to see some of that running in the top speed classes. But at some point it’s just going to come down to who can run for as long as possible. It’s like having a runner who can run for 100 yards but can’t run a half-marathon. How fast do you need your dogs to run?

We found the fastest American Quarter Horses in the top-tier (which means the one you see running on TV). We took the “best” American Quarter Horse in every class between $10k-20k and we found that the one who performed the best across the top-tier (at $10k) was the least efficient in speed by some margin. So there you have it.

This is also why you sometimes see Americans in those same top-level classes but slower than the top-tier thoroughbreds – they’re just not as fast.

Take a look at American Quarter Horses running in other types of races.

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