Are quarter horses faster than thoroughbreds? – Horse Racing Video Game Dave And Busters

This is not a question we are particularly concerned with here, as we only think about it from an intellectual standpoint. Our concern is with the practical application of the theory. We are looking at the theoretical side of horsemanship by putting the horsemen in the saddle, and taking the result of the training. We have to do with a system of working with the horse and it is, to this day, a very complicated system. At the beginning it might feel as though I was trying to teach you how to put on a glove and then trying to teach you how to play cricket. It is in truth a very complicated system. One only has to try for twenty or thirty minutes to understand the difficulties of it. There are still some people who believe that they have the complete answer to this question, and are satisfied that any man with a little understanding knows that quarterhorses are faster than thoroughbreds, and are consequently better trained. But all these people are wrong; this is a question about the practical application of the theory. You cannot judge the horse by the speed of his steps. There is no such thing as a man riding a horse. There is nothing to judge by except his mind. The only man who can give knowledge of the performance of the horse is his own mind. That is enough. I know this for certain. If you knew me personally, you would understand my position.

I can give you no real answers to the questions at hand, but I have a very simple philosophy for the practical work of judging the superiority of quarter horses—an old philosophy which has been developed in some detail over half a century in many schools outside of the English School. That philosophy is—I should have to say it is rather simple, because there is no contradiction—the philosophy is, let the horse feel the power of that speed, let him feel the power of those steps, let him be able to understand the principles involved, and so on… And as a result of the mind-structure of the horse that is the speed of his legs, that is the speed at which he can get away.

These principles are quite simple and are based on long-held observations, but the mind of the man who applies them is very strange. The mind is an absolutely strange creature, as it were, and has to be thought through. He has to be thought through because you can never get at a single truth or truth complex. How do you get at truth complex? You can’t; you can’t. Truth complex

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