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Small business companies and their employees are eligible for small business tax credits—that’s not limited to their employer. The Small Business Administration lists the following criteria in the annual small business tax credit application package or tax form.

Employee-ownership size

Income-based tuition deduction

Employer matching contributions

Employee share of business profit, if any
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The IRS will not approve a small business if it is a self-employed person (which means you operate a business from your own home).

How does the IRS determine whether your business qualifies for a small business tax credit?

To determine whether your business qualifies for a small business tax credit, look up the small business definition in the IRS website’s list of tax credits.

Once the credit is approved by the IRS, you may use a small business tax credit calculator to figure out how much you will owe in small business taxes.

What is an employer matching contribution?

An employer matching contribution is money a business owner can make to get a refund of some or most of the tax he or she paid on their business’s income. The amount of the employer matching contribution may be limited to certain business-related expenses (e.g., business equipment, and equipment provided as a benefit to any employee), or otherwise not affected by a business’ income.

Do I need to file a small business tax form?

No. Most small business tax forms aren’t required to be filed, though businesses have several options for filing their returns.

Check the small business website’s Tax Forms page for specific instructions.

Contact your local IRS office to see which forms might be needed. It can usually be arranged by calling the business.

Do companies have to give me a return within 120 days?

All companies are encouraged to use the IRS online services portal to file their tax forms electronically. For more detailed instructions, read the guide IRS Publication 970, Form 887-S, Online Registration of Self-Employed Organization — Self-Employed Businesses, and the guide IRS Publication 970, Annual Income Tax for small businesses. If a company is an individual, you must return your tax return by the due date listed on your tax form, plus 60 days.

What if we make mistakes with my tax return?

The IRS expects that you will do your own tax preparation and will ensure that you have your IRS Form 990.

If your company is small and you have

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