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The following is a list of people who currently receive financial aid at any school, regardless of their financial hardship. These may be those who were admitted into the university or received financial aid to attend the university or those who received the aid in the form of loans, grants, or scholarships. These are the people whose financial hardship will be considered when making the decision on eligibility for a boiler grant.

The University grants an unlimited number of grants or scholarships annually, on the basis that it will not lose eligibility for a grant or scholarship due to financial hardship. In addition, the University grants a number of grants in proportion to the number of grants granted each academic year.

If someone does not meet any of these criteria, the University receives no grant or scholarship support, even if the person does not qualify for a boiler grant.

Billing details

If you were accepted with this financial assistance, you should send a signed bill of completion to the University in your first semester. Please be assured that the University will be sending your bill along with all of the documentation requested under section 9 of the LOESS (Living in the Community for Eligible Students in Need of Financial Assistance) Regulations 1996. The University also requires that proof of financial aid be sent.

You should send all bills to: LITBHEH

Faculty of Education

Office of Student Financial Aid

P.C. Building

PO Box 2813



For further information

To be eligible for a boiler grant, as well as all other forms of student support, a student must have a non-repayable debt of more than £2,000.

The Financial Aid Office of Wales provides help to students eligible for the LOESS regulations in their online application forms ( Please click here to view the forms.



Consequences of non-repayment

If we determine that you do not have enough money to finish your course, we will consider the amount paid – and your remaining repayment amount – on your student loan.

Our student loan officers are able to discuss options to help you pay your student loan.

You can contact us on the Financial Aid Office of Wales at the following address:

Financial Aid Office of Wales

P.C. Building

PO Box 2813

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