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(Hint: it is not you, it’s you and your landlord)

A landlord who is paying for a boiler must be prepared to do their due diligence on the water management company first in order to be sure that the boiler in question is up to their standards. The boiler will have to be inspected twice.

The second time, it should be tested. And finally, the boiler should be replaced.

The boiler must be replaced even if you get a call from your landlord telling you they did not receive boiler replacement, that the boiler does not have the correct type of boiler and that in order to find out what boiler type the company is using, it is necessary to go and visit its premises.

A boiler that is not up to the standards required by state regulation will not be replaced.

What is a “blighted” boiler?

A boiler that is a “blighted” boiler is one that has not undergone an approved, comprehensive boiler assessment. Blighted boilers are not up to the legal requirements of the state (including the mandatory health and safety standards) and therefore do not meet the requirements of many health and safety codes that apply to them.

The boiler inspection should include:

a complete assessment of the boiler

a complete assessment of the air filter, to make certain that all the pollutants are removed.

a comprehensive assessment of boiler safety systems and components (including the air filter, to make certain that they have all been replaced and installed properly).

a thorough examination of boiler and boiler parts

a thorough inspection of boiler service areas.

Once the boiler is assessed and certified to all necessary standards and the state has approved the boiler’s maintenance procedures, the boiler should be installed.

How to check for boiler defects

A boiler can easily be found defective.

It needs to be located in a situation that is both clean and reasonably safe. There should be no debris on the premises. Most people don’t need to walk around the boiler and if possible, locate it in a relatively clean area. In some circumstances, this is particularly true if the boiler is located outside of Sydney and not in a building with no access to the street.

You may find that the boiler is not in good condition, that the components that are in the boiler are defective, or that it only requires the presence of the boiler for the service to be complete (i.e. the services should be delivered, the boiler service

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