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What’s it like?

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(S) is a program that helps the homeless out of poverty. It’s pretty intense working with homeless people and getting them out of their shelter. I’d say it’s pretty difficult work. To actually live with the homeless in a really functional sense is an experience that is very difficult work for any professional. That’s part of what makes this program so challenging.

Where do you take the homeless people? Do you put them in a private property, or what?

The idea is to take them and send them down to the homeless shelter where they can either do a little work on a day plan, or go right back up to our office to actually get on a program. We have some of that going on right now for the people who are eligible for the grant, where we get them out and we give them a job. It’s about finding out where they need to get to and how best to help them out.

What do they do?

They’re really good kids and they work very hard. There are about two or three people for about 200 to 300 a day that work at our office, they work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But the thing that keeps them motivated more than anything else about being out there and being able to interact with the public in a productive way is that you can’t get away with being a homeless person, so they work pretty hard to make it work.

Is it hard for somebody to go through a program like this? They don’t have a lot of money.

(S) has about 50 families come in a month or so. For a couple hundred dollars per family, a family of three can have their meals prepared in a kitchen, and they can buy their own clothes, a lot of things that they’ve never had before and a lot of help. They are not getting on buses to get to these bus shelters because they don’t have a fixed address. They are living on the streets, so sometimes they have got to walk to find where their bus stops are.

What’s it like to do that? What do you think of them as a person?

I think the way we talk about it is that if it’s a person in our community who has just been homeless, who has come to our shelter and asked for help, they might have a problem. They might have been able to get back into their apartment but they have not been successful, so they are

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