What type of grants are available?

We can generally provide funding for your project, including research, but the amount you can receive for the work you’re putting into it depends on several factors.

You can get funding for your entire project from:

a European Research Council (ERC) grant that is equivalent to or larger than the national minimum grant available to you

a government grant

an international student research grant

a European research scholarship

a foreign grant

If you’ve got money to spend, you could still apply for funding from other sources within your existing budget.

Your application will have to meet a host of criteria:

you must have a well-specified study plan that covers the entire project

you must ensure the project is undertaken to produce a result, rather than just to have money

You must also demonstrate to the funding review board that your project will make a significant contribution to UK science for the benefit of society or the national interest

What if there’s a time limit or I’d like to apply later?

When you applied for funding, you gave us an indication of what you wanted to achieve, although it’s important to remember that the decision to support your project is not final, and the decision may be reversed.

If, for example, your initial funding is withdrawn while you are waiting for your application and your later application has been approved, it could potentially affect your future access.

When can I expect my funding?

Once you’ve reached your decision, you shouldn’t wait too long to begin research. Your project will normally go on for up to two years from the date you decide to apply, or until you have exhausted your other grants, depending on how long you had available.

List of Government Grants
There may also be periods of waiting between applications before funding is granted. We’ll have more information on these periods of waiting in later questions.

What happens if I’m a member of the public?

All our grants are open to all people, and we accept applications from all nationalities. See our full list of grants from the UK to be eligible to apply from overseas.

Please note: Funding is available to students and researchers in England and Wales for students in education, higher education, and training on courses offered by our universities or institutes.

Who is eligible?

Gifts from individuals: This includes anything from a pension, family inheritance, gifts from trusts or foundations you or your partner have set up or donated to a charitable