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The federal government is expected to distribute $3 billion in grants in fiscal 2017 for the creation and maintenance of roads, bridges and transit in Canada’s 11th largest urban centre.

There was no official announcement Friday on the distribution of these projects as it was a two-week long provincial tour of a number of cities.

What are the criteria that the federal government uses for approving the projects?

The criterion for approving these projects is the need for them to increase capacity, improve accessibility for people with mobility issues, or improve the safety of existing roads.

How much funding do the projects receive?

The total cost of the projects is expected to be about $3.4 billion. An additional $800 million is expected to be allocated for community benefits.

How long does the program last?

The provincial and federal governments plan to spend about $23 billion between fiscal 2017 and 2019, with most of that money set aside for infrastructure across Canada.

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