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I have to ask: How many different organizations has the government of the United States contributed more than $100,000 in the past decade (2010-2015)? How many organizations have won the prestigious “International Scientist of the Year” award? How many corporations have sponsored the International Prize in Astronomy (2012) and this year’s NASA/JPL Breakthrough Prize (2013)? As a member of the press and someone who has made numerous requests in the past to the Agency or NASA to list the number of different types of grant that have come from the U.S government to date, they have either given vague answers back, or have only offered vague lists. When I pressed in vain to get any direct proof that the Agency had released any such list, or any list specific to my request with respect to their recent “space” awards, I was informed that, “it is very difficult to answer to the media on this” and that they could not provide any such information. The same was repeated, at least in response to the questions I submitted to them with the specific question of “How many different organizations would be considered “other agencies,” and which of those would the grant recipient be, and which categories would receive the grant?” In fact, NASA officials were not in an eager, eager mood today to respond to any specific questions I posed to them. When I first sent them questions regarding such a grant they refused to respond at all, and then tried to deflect all questions back to me. So instead of answering to me the specific questions I had asked, NASA officials just re-asked me what I should want to find out. However, I never got an answer to this question either.
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The same was true today when I asked about the number of organizations that had gone to the international prize for the scientific work that the Agency had funded. Again, they were unable to respond to my specific query about the number of organizations that had participated in the International Science Prize competition (2014). Again, as a member of the press and someone who submitted a FOIA request (2013) regarding this exact same issue, I was told that my FOIA request had come in with the specific question of “How many organizations would the grant recipient be, and which categories would receive the grant.” Instead of answering my question they had re-asked me (once again) to ask a specific specific question about “How many different organizations have been named ‘other federal

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