What is the USA funding grant? – Covid 19 Government Business Grants

It is being used specifically for the training of the Syrian rebel forces, the so-called Free Syrian Army. The FSA is currently not in control of northern Syria, although that will change soon. So, the FSA is trained up, then it goes to places where it is needed to fight for the sake of the freedom and safety and health of their citizens. That is the training in all cases.

And that is the training that is going on on the front lines in Syria now, there is a training camp under way there. It is not part of the USA training program. I would point out that the Syrian government is not involved. They have made repeated requests that they be allowed to go and train the FSA, but they have been turned down as it would pose a security risk. So, we are not going to take that opportunity. There are some training camps with support for some of these moderate opposition forces in various areas, but they are only in areas where there is security that is necessary. It is not going to be going to Damascus or Raqa any more than it will be going to Turkey or Qatar or Jordan. And there will not be air strikes by the USA or anyone else on the training camps.

Q And what kind of equipment is being supplied to, as you speak, these groups? If you can give us some sense of how much is being provided.

As I have said, there is a training programme going on. There are some small amount of weaponry that we are carrying out as well. But those are all very small amounts. One of the main items that we have got now is to buy more ammunition for our military vehicles. That will be very helpful to those that are being able to move into Syria. Some of that is also going to make up for certain equipment we may not be able to replace.

A It does not appear that the weapons that are being supplied, to the best of my knowledge, are coming from any NATO member state. It is a sort of international arms deal. I think that the UK, for instance, is supplying them the necessary material and technical support. In some ways it will make up for the loss of British air power in the air strikes.

Q But is that still a covert operation?
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Yes, at the moment. Yes. Those planes that we know are bombing and they have their landing marks painted on and they are calling it training. But if you read what is being reported about it on the British media, you see scampi pasta, federal government grants solutions government jobs, free government school grants for single mothers, government grant for small business start up, indian government loans for small business startup