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There are certain benefits to being an active participant in the development of a new product or service. A grant can enable you to get access to new information, participate in the decision-making processes, or be part of a project which leads to the creation of better products or services. Grants are different from patents, licenses, and copyrights–they are not limited to specific products or services and are not issued to anyone. To be effective, a grant can often lead to more research and development funding through agencies and universities and in general can be one of the most important and exciting things you can do in your career in computer-related fields.

What kinds of research is supported by grant programs? While grant programs generally focus on research related to the field in which a person is in a specific position, a grant may provide you with access to opportunities outside of that field that are often not available for other positions. This is especially true when a researcher’s role is to develop technology for a particular customer or market.

Do I need a grant to apply for a scientific or technical position in computer science? In order to become a computer scientist you need to have a research or advanced degree. You will be required to pay for your education through the federal government as part of the federal research and development (R&D) budget. If you are applying for a job in computer science in a college or research university, you will probably need a research scientist (RSW) award to be considered for a position. These awards range from $50-$800 per month, depending on your program, as well as a cost of living allowance, which is paid by the federal government.

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What is NOT supported by federal research grants? You are not automatically eligible for a grant or a TIFIA scholarship. Grant and TIFIA support will vary based on your program of study, whether you use federal funds or state funds and if you are pursuing degree programs. A list of supported programs can be found in the Office of Research in Computing under Grants and TIFIA.

Who is eligible for a grant or TIFIA scholarship? A student who has completed a bachelor’s degree or a graduate program in computer science with a research or advanced degree in applied math and applied computing will likely need a grant or scholarship for their studies, depending on where they are in their studies and their educational background. The majority of the U.S. population has advanced degrees with related experience that may support a grant to participate in a research or advanced graduate program. Other

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