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Is it to develop the technology? Is it to build a research institute?

Are they actually being used on students in their local public schools? And what about their teachers?

As the program is going on, is the focus now on developing the technology or developing the technology for their students?

It’s a great program, but it needs to stop.

What is the impact of the technology? If the technology is being used on students, how does that impact them?

What kind of feedback have you gotten from students on the program?

[Student students]: We want more of our teachers.

What if the teacher has a different viewpoint and thinks this is a good idea? Is that okay?

I don’t know what they’re going to do to you, but if you don’t want me to go to the school if you want to have that relationship.

What is your response to some of the concerns raised, such as how these students may not want to work with people they don’t agree with?

We’re talking about a community that is working on technology that allows us to communicate on the same level that we speak in our community. I’d prefer to have a dialogue that is civil and respectful. What I want, in a situation where the teacher is not happy with the direction of the program, what I want you to have is the ability to work with me and you’re able to make an informed decision. They’re there to support you as a person.

But when a particular choice of a teacher or student is made, is a question raised about your integrity?

I don’t think so. We’re discussing a technology that is creating a difference in the world. It will have some impacts on schoolwork, whether we like it or not.

I asked you a question about whether the project could be used on other children.

I know that’s a great question. Let me just say that there’s no way that my involvement could ever involve that and that’s the only way that it could be used on other kids.

What kind of feedback have you received about the possibility that this technology could be used on students of other faiths or religions?

It will have some impacts on schoolwork, whether we like it or not. We’re discussing an issue that in a certain way touches the religious identity.

What about in these districts where there is a religious divide? What might be the impact on those students

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