What is the Government Green Grant Program? – Government Grants For Individuals Debt To Income

An independent scheme for funding projects that support the environment and the national interest.

What is the Government Green Grant Program Overview?

The Government Green Grant Program has been established to address the long-term challenge of achieving sustainable development and social equity in New Zealand, and to support the private sector. The Government Green Grant Program is a non-financed, voluntary initiative that has been running since October 2003. Grantees are selected to provide the bulk of the total funding to new and existing projects of a conservation, environmental, social, economic, and other type. The grants are available to all non-government organisations, including environmental research institutions and communities, as determined by the Ministry.

What is the New Zealand Conservation Trust?

The New Zealand Conservation Trust (NZCT) is an independent organisation. NZCT provides a public sector service (in partnership with the Ministry of Environment) for the conservation and restoration of New Zealand’s natural environment. NZCT receives funding from the Government through the Government Green Grant Program to develop and support projects involving conservation, environmental, social, and other types of work in the conservation and restoration of our natural environment. By providing a public sector service for New Zealand’s natural environment, NZCT contributes directly to New Zealand’s sustainable development and social equity.

How is the Government Green Grant Program funded?

Funding is secured by the Private Partner. The Government and the NZCT work collaboratively to assess the project proposal and to select the appropriate grantee. The Government is responsible for the funding of projects, including the selection of the funding provider.

How is the Government Green Grant Program distributed?

The Green Grant Program comprises an independent programme for funding projects under the New Zealand Conservation Trust Act 1995, and a scheme to support additional funding to the Private Partners of the Government Green Grant Scheme.

The Green Grant Scheme is a non-financed voluntary scheme. All funding is sourced from private funding through the private partner. Private partners participate in the design, development, and management of grants. To assist the Private Partner in making the decision to participate in the Green Grant Program, the Private Partner has the opportunity to participate in the funding of the project being managed by this Government, as well the activities under it.

Who is eligible for the New Zealand Conservation Trust Programme?

The New Zealand Conservation Trust Programme does not recognise the qualifications of organisations participating in the programme. To find out if you are eligible to have your application accepted then please contact your organisation.

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