What is the Government Green Grant Program? – Apply For Free Government Grants For College

The Government Green Grant Program is a key element of Ontario’s plan to deliver on its 2030 Climate Commitment to cut greenhouse gas emissions to 100% below 2005 levels by 2050.

Through the program, we are investing in a wide range of green technologies and practices to help tackle climate change. The Green Grant Program builds on the work of Ontario’s Climate Action Plan to promote energy conservation and provide people with options for climate-resilient choices.

The Green Grant Program allows Ontario homeowners, businesses and organizations, to support low-carbon infrastructure projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase energy efficiency and reduce pollution. The programs include:

Renewable energy

Cleaning up oil and gas spills and hazardous waste

Improving construction safety and quality in the construction industry with high-risk and high-cost components

Improving waste prevention and solid waste collection

Creating a new infrastructure system on Ontario’s waterways in order to reduce sewage overflows and water pollution

Recycling, recycling, recycling

Increasing food security

Creating green jobs in construction, mining, and forestry

Improving energy efficiency of schools

Creating low-emission workplaces

Supporting the economic recovery of communities and job creation

The Government Green Grant Program has funded over 2,200 projects over the last four years. Many projects include:

COPPA: Building energy-efficient buildings

New homes in the form of new modular homes

National Health Commission to help improve local pediatric ...
Innovation in energy-efficient building design and construction, including new high-performance homes, buildings with efficient air-pipes, water heaters, and energy efficient buildings and buildings that are more energy efficient in relation to energy consumption and emissions

Healthy transportation: Public transit, transit lanes and smart city solutions

Energy efficient building designs

Supporting the energy conservation of buildings within the building envelope

Community-based clean technology deployment

The Green Grant Program works with communities to:

Improve energy efficiency of schools

Renewable energy for residential, institutional, and commercial use

Support affordable and reliable supply of energy

Help communities and local governments save money, improve quality of life, address social and environmental issues, and ensure environmental sustainability

Connect all of Ontario’s homes to electricity and energy conservation on the new Ontario Energy Board’s network

Improve water safety and clean water systems and supply for businesses, and connect communities with services

Incentivize and provide funding to the construction

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