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We fund the annual research that can bring the most significant advances in our understanding of the human microbiome at the cutting edge of the understanding of disease. These grants focus on novel technologies that advance our understanding of the microbiome, including new research on the interaction between humans and the microbiota that improves clinical practice and the design of new therapeutics and diagnostic tests. Since the mid-2000s, we have financed more than 20,000 independent grants, bringing results to market and helping to define new fields of research and discoveries in public health.

The Nature Foundation has a $1.2 billion endowment to fund more than 3,200 discoveries in the areas of nutrition, lifestyle and disease. The Nature Foundation also supports the Science Foundation Australia via the Research Council of Australia’s Human Microbiome Research Initiative.

What is the Nature Foundation for Medical Research?
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The Nature Foundation for Medical Research is a philanthropic organisation dedicated to building the scientific and medical advances necessary to provide access to comprehensive care as needed around the world. It was inaugurated in 1976 and became a separate organisation in 2002.

Its mission is to provide the public good of medical research, including the most effective medicines and the best healthcare, for as many people as possible, in areas far from the borders of conventional medical research, to achieve the greatest contribution to society. The Foundation supports over 35 years and hundreds of scientists and medical researchers from a range of disciplines around the world.

The Nature Foundation for Medical Research is funded by a variety of sources. The core funds support the organisation’s activities, in collaboration with governments and other organisations and other foundations. It receives funding from government departments, charitable trust funding bodies and individuals.

The Foundation works at the intersection of medicine and the natural world, and operates internationally through an array of organisations, including the Global Alliance for Biotechnology Information, the World Health Organization, the World Health Organization (WHO), the International Federation of Biomedical Research Centers and other non-governmental organisations.

Funding from the public sources is critical to achieve these objectives. More than 50 per cent of the Foundation’s funding comes from private sources, up from around 25 per cent in 1996.

The Nature Foundation for Medical Research also receives support from the following sources:

The National Institutes of Health (NIH). Grants for the Nature Foundation for Medical Research are funded by the NIH.

The National Science Foundation (NSF). Grants for the Nature Foundation for Medical Research are funded through the NSF.

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