What is a service grant? – What Are 4 Types Of Grants?

A service grant is an incentive from a government to a business owner to participate in government programs that improve customer service in a public service manner.

A service grant is one of several ways a government can motivate you to participate in its programs.

This type of grant will generally make people involved in a certain program to receive a payment, like a subsidy, for doing business in the government sector.

What kind of payment does a service grant provide?

Most of the federal programs have a payment-for-service element to their service grants and payments can vary from federal programs to others.

The types of government payments that are typically provided by service grants are:

Subsidies or tax credits
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Cash rebates or subsidies

Tax credits

Cash payments to specific companies or groups

Interest on loans or borrowings

The amounts and types of service grants that are available for various federal programs were provided in the federal government’s budget instructions published in the Federal Register (FDR).

How is a service grant awarded?

A government service grant is awarded through specific actions and decisions made by the Department of Justice.

What does the federal government do with a service grant?

The federal government awards service grants to:

Businesses that serve customers

Consumers that receive services they have requested

Consumers who request or need services that they had hoped to obtain through a service grant for which they submitted a claim or application before being contacted by an individual or business on another federal grant

For more information, refer to the Federal Service Grant Guide.

If I have received a government service grant from the government in the past, can it still affect me?

No. Generally, all government service grants from any administration expire when the President leaves office. However, the service grants that were available to you on June 17, 1998 are still valid.

If it does expire, is there any other way to receive a grant from the government on July 17, 2018?

Since the Federal Register (FDR) (July 27, 2017) established that the terms are temporary, there is no legal way to be awarded a service grant on July 17, 2018. However, it is up to each federal agency to determine whether it needs to continue any of these terms or if it may issue a new grant based on new information.

Can I receive a grant during a government shutdown?

Yes. Federal funding was frozen

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