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A service grant provides a payment for the use of a service, like a car, for a specific period of time.

The payment can be made by cheque or postal order as long as the vehicle is accessible to people with disabilities or the vehicle has already been purchased. The service grants are given for a prescribed period of up to six months, at the discretion of a regional director.

It is possible for a service grant payment to be deducted from a person’s disability support pension.

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What are the rules about service grants?

A service grant is given by an authorized payment service that operates on behalf of a provincial, territorial, or municipal agency and is provided as part of its mandate to provide service to the general public or to a business.

Service grants must be provided only to people who have a disability or the use of a vehicle that is specifically designed or adapted for persons with disabilities. For example, a service grant is not provided to persons who use a wheelchair, but do not use a wheelchair because they are at home and have a wheelchair at all times.

The following service providers (see list above) offer service grants:

Community Action, Accessibility, and Community Infrastructure Centre

Federation of Community Services

Health and Social Services Canada

Ministries of Transport, Tourism and Sport

Non-profit and charity agencies

How do I apply?

You can apply for a disability service grant in most provinces and territories by calling the person or persons who give out disability service grants.

Contact the agency by telephone, or you can visit a regional director, and provide the following documents:

proof of employment or an invitation to apply by mail (letters, resumes or résumés, etc.), as well as

proof of your disability, such as a letter from the doctor, your medical report or photo ID

The most recent medical report (written by a doctor) for the month in which the disability was assessed to determine your disability. This is the document that your financial assistance is paid for. It must be signed by the person providing the financial assistance to verify who signed it.

The most recently completed Social Security form, and

a letter stating that you have used disability assistance payment and have received it, and that you can confirm by submitting the letter and the Social Security statement.

If you do not know the Social Security form or other information required by service providers, refer to the Ontario Services and Supports

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