What is a service grant? – Government Grants For Nonprofits

The service grant is money given to private organisations and community projects that helps them to tackle youth violence.

You can apply for a service grant through the Youth Service and Communities Service of NSW (YSACS).

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If you’re thinking of applying to give a service grant, you can:

ask for information about grants

find out whether there are any other organisations you can apply to or how to get involved

see details of funding sources

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Read this guide (PDF, 29k, 2mb) on whether to give a service grant.

What can I do if I’m applying to give a service grant?

The Youth Service and Communities Service of NSW (YSACS), through its grants application website, will tell you if you are eligible and what you do about it. Please refer to the Youth Service and Communities Service of NSW’s grants application page to see what you need to do if you’re applying.

You can access all the information you need to make your application, including forms and contact information, for free. You can also see if you’re eligible for grant assistance if you want more details and a more in-depth assessment of your application.

The application process

Government grants could help you start your business, but ...
You’ll need to apply by filling in as many of the information fields as possible.

When completing the form and filling out any additional sections, remember to answer all the questions honestly and accurately. If you receive an error message or don’t answer all the questions, don’t worry. You’ll need to send in another application.

After you fill in the forms, you can be referred to an adviser who can answer any supplementary questions.

An applicant can’t accept grants from more than one organisation.

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

If you need help, you can call 03 9424 7272 or visit the YSACS grant application page.

If you’ve applied to give a service grant, you can also contact YSACS to find out if you can apply for another grant or if you’ll need to reapply.

What if I’d like to find out more?

Youth service and community service groups, organisations and individuals can make applications for grants.

You can find more information on organisations that could be interested in funding your project and funding assistance on the Youth Service and

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