What exactly is a grant?

A grant from anyone that you are going to apply to. Grants are a great way to get your foot in the door, even if you’ve come to UC for just one year. But don’t get cocky and think you can get by with just one. To make a grant application that stands out, you need to demonstrate that you have an ability to write a compelling and well-written grant application. There are a couple of ways to do this and you’ll hear about them in the next section. If you have some ideas that might help you get through the application process or in some other way, please post them in the comments area below or use the contact form for students to email me.

The UC Grants website has information on getting grants and finding the right agency to apply to. There is also a list of all the agencies with info on what grants you might qualify for.

Here are the main ways you might get a grant:

If you are going to be applying more than once to one or even multiple agencies, you can get a grant through one such company. It might seem intimidating to get a grant through multiple smaller agencies, but remember that you are helping to fund a major scholarship program and you will work with one of the major financial aid providers.

Students applying on behalf of family and friends to get grants or to apply for a major scholarship, such as the Silliman Scholars and Scholars in Residence Program, can apply in one of three ways:

Using the UC Grant Website You can visit the UC Grant Website ( to apply for grants directly. Students apply in one of two ways by mailing a completed application form to: UC Grant

Office of Scholars’ Services

Attn: Grants

1400 N. Central Ave.

San Jose, CA 95146 The applicant also can submit their request via e-mail: Grantees to be considered The Grantees (or “grantees,” in the UC Grant web pages) will be invited to write a short application form, complete the form, and mail it to the grant provider. The grant provider will ask students to indicate what types of scholarship they are applying for: scholarship money or scholarships from the university, such as financial aid or financial aid grants.

scholarship money or scholarships from non-UC schools, such as awards from corporations or organizations, or awards from foundations or church-based organizations.

scholarship money or scholarships from corporations or organizations