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This depends on the application (see below). Some organisations will accept the grant because of their expertise or experience in a particular field, for instance a teacher grant, a consultant grant or an organisation for the development of new technologies, such as a startup. Others may want to apply for a grant because the project is important or their expertise in the proposed subject is widely recognised.

Why can’t organisations ask for funds on their own?

A project that a project leader has worked on with another organisation’s support, would be a breach of confidentiality. It could also lead to claims and allegations of favouritism. The decision whether or not to participate in or accept such an application is for the project leader.

What are specific reasons?

For instance a project manager may be planning to participate in a project on which they have received a grant and want to ensure they can deliver on their plans.

Grant funding can be used to cover:

Risks on all the participants, including the project team.

In addition to this, the project leaders will be responsible for ensuring that they have the resources required to carry out their project in the way they have planned.

A project must be clearly defined, to include the types of knowledge or skills that are valued and the expected outcome. Without a clear definition of the work the grant fund can be very hard to justify. The project will benefit from the best and brightest, rather than just the best and cheapest brains.

To ensure that a project is adequately supported, the project lead is responsible for ensuring that the grant fund is able to cover up to two-thirds of the project’s costs.

Project leaders can also make a grant request if one of the project leaders is unable to fulfil their part of the duty of care.

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The Endangered Species List

All animals on the list are listed endangered. A bird that is listed “threatened” is not really “endangered,” but just “critically endangered.” When a species is “threatened” but is not actually threatened, the word “endangered” is often used in its place, like the Endangered Species Act or even the Endangered Species Act. The Endangered Species Act is the federal law that governs the protection of our natural resources and habitats.

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