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In a grant-making organisation there are three types of grants.

Fund-raise: This is often the easiest to describe for non-scientists. This is the main grantmaking activity to engage with. By raising money for the project you are trying to complete, you are not just asking for money.

In-kind: Other grants are often in-kind—that is, you may not need money for everything. If that is the case then it’s likely that you will not need another grant in future, however a number of other types of grants can make this possible. This can provide the opportunity to do a number of things with money you raise through the grant-making organisation.

Substantial Research Grant (SRG): We call these things the ‘research grants’. For example, there may be an early-stage SRG application to fund a research project using a particular subject, or you may be able to fund a PhD-level paper from a start-up.

For a detailed explanation, please refer to this page in the IPRE’s guide to scientific publication .

If you qualify for one of these types of grant, you will need to decide what type of grant you will apply for. The different types of grant are described here.

Types of grants

When applying for a grant, you may make one or more of the following types of grant-applications:

A grant-making organisation grants a particular topic of interest (subject) which is covered by a certain funding source. The idea being that you ask for something particular (a small project or project-phase). The grant-making organisation is the person or entity that organises the grant. It will be the most likely grant-maker to offer you the grant, but you can ask any one of several different grant-making organisations. How to Get FREE Government Grant Money for Almost ...
A short-term grant: A grant for a particular amount of time, usually a couple of months.

A long-term grant: A grant for a particular amount of time, usually three or more years.

A ‘long-term grant’, also referred to as a ‘strategy grant’. A grant made from one particular funding source which has a limited term and is made up of a number of smaller or longer-term projects. The idea is that these projects do not require a high amount of time. You can ask for these kinds of grant (often referred to as ‘strategy grants’) without applying.

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